The Music

Singer-songwriter, Yunyu, and award-winning author, Marianne de Pierres have collaborated to bring you an enhanced reading and listening experience. Yunyu had written dedicated singles for each book in the Night Creatures trilogy.

The Singles

About Yunyu

Yunyu, winner of JJJ’s Unearthed, has achieved cult status amongst her followers. Neil Gaiman and Warren Ellis have mobilized their massive fanbases in support. Yunyu has also carved a substantial online niche, finding a following amongst lovers of horror, anime and manga.

“Yunyu is music anime for genuine pop futurists. Edgy, taut and clever.”

– Nui Te Koha, Sunday Herald Sun

De Pierres has published fifteen novels to date (including those under her pseudonym, Marianne Delacourt) and has had her work adapted for game and animation.

De Pierres says that the collaboration between Yunyu and herself was almost a natural progression. ‘If you read my work, and listen to Yunyu’s music, you’d have to see that it’s a marriage made in Heaven – or Hades as the case may be. I’m really excited about this project, Yunyu has written a song that will simply electrify you; it’s dark, exhilarating and addictive.’

Yunyu also looks forward to the collaboration saying, ‘Marianne’s stories live in the same universe as my songs and I’m excited to be writing for her surreally beautiful tale.’

Angel Arias is now available from iTunes


Preview the Song

Watch the Book Trailer


“This is a great idea, releasing a song to match a novel – I already love the book and am so impressed with how the single captures the weird, gothy vibe of Burn Bright by Marianne de Pierres. This is my first Yunyu song! I like her sound very much. More please.”

– Tansy Rayner Roberts on iTunes 5/5

“A haunting, multi-layered work of genius.”

– Belinda’s Baubles

The lyrics of Angel Arias

Verse 1:
Drink me I say
Follow the dark
Come closer still
Singe your heart here

We’ll dance with shards
Illusions cut
Our wild thoughts bring
Angel Arias

Chorus 1:
In somnis veritas
Sic itur ad astra x 4

Verse 2:
Take me to heights
On to the brink
Don’t have to stop
Don’t turn back now

Forget your skin
Forget your kin
All is forgone
Angel Arias

Chorus 2:
In somnis veritas
sic itur ad astra x 4

Verse 3:
Drink me again
Keep up my love
Follow my dance
Angel arias

Seek no god here
We are the greys
We are the grace
Angel Arias

Lacus lacus lacus Somniorum (end)


Is available from the QR tag in the back of the book Angel Arias. Download for free!

Watch the book trailer

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