The Churches

Guides for the churches of the World of Ixion in Marianne de Pierres’ Night Creatures trilogy:


‘Home’ for Retra, Suki and Cal, the baby bats at Vank are tended to by Charlonge. Wall mounted candelarbra light a grand indoor balcony, revealing the muted colours of stained-glass windows. Vank is where Retra and Suki take their peite nuit.


The Illi church is built on rounded lines and decorated by bevelled mantles and pillars. Fire torches and glass lamps light the way inside – but it’s what lies just beyond the walls that interests Retra. For within the old Illi gardens is the Grotto… and a meeting that could change everything.


The scene of the formal party thrown for Naif, Agios glows in candlelight. Gold- inlaid marble enhances the sumptuous satin friezes of hunting scenes and feasts that hang from the walls. Agios reminds Naif of her mythology lessons and the Marble City of Marsoucee.


Where Rollo rests – amongst the vines that grow through the cracks in the walls and allow the giant roaches creep in. It’s also the church where the White Wings hang.

Los Fien

The last church, high on the crater and the end of the line before Danksoi.


The Riper’s domain on the highest tier of Ixion. Do not enter. You will not return…

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