The Clubs

A guide to the clubs in the World of Ixion in Marianne de Pierres’ Night Creatures trilogy:

The Drop

Scaffolding and streamers, glitter globes and cages filled with bodies, faces, limbs hanging from sides, not bothering with the spiral stairs… and for Retra, the music is impossible to ignore.


With an entry cut deep in the hillside and passages running in all directions to different caves and performers. Dark nooks with low, plush couches make for the perfect make-out place… as well as somewhere to share deadly secrets.

Bella Death

Close to Goa, and Blissed. Bella Death is last place Amora was seen, where she was talking to the Riper, Brand.


Where the Cursed League hang and practise their combat. Murals of black birds decorate the walls and back doors make for a fast escape – no wonder Eve likes it there.

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