The People

The cast of characters from the World of Ixion from the Night Creatures trilogy by Marianne de Pierres.

Raised in the strict Seal Enclave, Retra must find her way on Ixion where modesty is sin. In search of her brother Joel, she risks all to find him. In the process learns she learns dark secrets about Ixion… and herself.

Retra’s older brother, whose disappearance to Ixion leads her there. But will she find him? And will she likes what she finds?

Also a baby bat from Grave, the breath-taking Markes makes an instant impression on Retra and many others on Ixion with his musical gift. It also quickly brings him to the attention of the Ripers.

Cold as the colour of her ice-blonde hair, Cal immediately has it in for Retra. Is she simply a bully, threatened by Retra’s calm Seal composure? Or is there more to her behaviour than that – something to do with the musician Markes?

From the women-only town of Stra’ha, the wickedly funny Suki becomes an unlikely but loyal ally to Retra… ‘In Stra’ha, we only need men for their spermies, otherwise… pffft.’

With his freckled skin and red corkscrewing curls, Rollo is easy to find in a crowded club. Also from Grave, Retra first meets him on the transition to Ixion. But is Rollo really on the island of ever-night for pleasure, or does he have his own agenda?

Eve/Dark Eve
Runs the Cursed League with Clash. Blunt faced, tall and broad, Dark Eve wears a leather vest and pants – with silver daggers hanging from the chains around her belt. In hiding from the Ripers, she survives outside normal means.

The red-headed lover of Kero, and a friend to Retra. She just needs to learn to stay clear of the Ripers…

The leader of the White Wings, Kero owes Retra for her bravery – or stupidity. Can he help her find Joel?

‘I burned too bright. I saw too much…’ and inadvertently she also gives Retra answers.

Patient and gentle with the baby bats at Vank, Charlonge sees what is outside the visible and is a keeper of secrets… including one of her own.

‘Ruzalia…. Hair redder than fire and her blade as quick…’ Ruzalia and her crew of pirates kidnap from the barges heading to Ixion. Some say it’s a rescue. Others say she’s perverted and cruel and uses them as pets. Is the truth somewhere in between?

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