Welcome Our New Blogger: Natasha

We’re excited here at the Escape Club to be welcoming our new LGBTQ blogger Natasha. Tash will be writing in the new YOUR LIFE section about issues young people face (and having some fun along the way).

Natasha ObrienTash Says:

My name is Natash and I’m going to be your new LGBTQ contributor here in the Explorers Club. I’m a lesbian lifestyle blogger who’s obsessed with finding the funny in any situation. Basically I’m here, I’m queer, and I’m going to make you laugh while we hash out a variety of LGBTQ topics. If there any topics you want to hear about any questions on your mind fire them at me.

Bless xx


Read Tash’s bio:

1. Glamour is my life, and by glamour I mean eating dark chocolate in bed and watching anything by Lena Dunham.

2. I will sacrifice a relative for WIFI in emergency and non-emergency situations. (Emergency situation being defined as needing to post something I believe to be witty on Twitter)

3. Somedays I want to give it all up and become a Housewife of some American city. Then I remember fake nails and the short bald men that come with that empire, so I refocus.

4. I believe Jay-Z and I may very well share a father on account of our “Hustler’s Spirit”.

5. Llana Glazer is my Spirit Animal. K-Wiig is Queen. (Kristen, if you are reading this call me.)


Writer, comedienne, career lesbian and blogger. You can find most of Tash’s thoughts at www.Effort-Lez.com

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