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Lisa Reviews: Kiera Cass’ – “The Elite”

Some of you may know just how stressful the ending of 2014 was for me. If you don’t…well, now you do. I’m attending school, working, and doing everything else under the sun. Blogging and reading is my getaway, but it was hard to get away ...

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Joelene Reviews: "Kaleidoscope" - ed. A. Krasnostein and J. Rios

Welcome to a world where ordinary people can be selected to undergo a transformation to superhero. Where curious teens test out an urban legend on multiple dimensions and find themselves lost in a world not their own. A world where a pill and a kiss ...

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Krista Reviews: David Bernstein’s – “Surrogate”

Rebecca Hardwick wants nothing more than to start a family with her husband. But when a series of tragedies occur, she is left unable to have children by natural means.

Jane Nurelle is in an abusive relationship filled with beatings, drinking and drugs. But when she ...

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Bec Reviews: Melanie Card's - "Ward Against Disaster"

YA fantasy author, Melanie Card, has delivered another winner. Ward against Disaster is the third instalment in her Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer series, released by Entangled Publishing. With the beautiful but dangerous Celia Carlyle at his side, Ward de’Ath is on the trail of ...

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Latest News

Chris G-BTN

Chris Glabb on YouTube

Our fashion blogger, Christopher Glabb, has just just started vlogging on YouTube. Check out his channel and learn more about his love of cats and the ghost in his house!


Text prize logo

Text Fiction Prize for YA Literature

This is such a great opportunity for YA fiction writers in Australia and NZ!

The entry form for 2015 applications can be found at the Text Publishing website.

The prize is open to writers of all ages based in Australia and New Zealand; only hard copy submissions delivered by post are accepted. Further terms and conditions can be found on the entry form.


NC_Burn Bright Boxed Set_600

Night Creatures Boxed Set on Special

You can now purchase a virtual boxed set of the Night Creatures trilogy on Amazon UK for a reduced price: Burn Bright, Angel Arias, and Shine Light all in one download.


armstrong_sea of shadows

Escape Club’s New Front Page

So as you can see we have a slight re-design of the front page. I wanted to bring the reviews into more focus, along with our columns, in the big slider at the top.


Escape Club books

Escape Club book club expands to GoodReads

Great news everyone! As of NOW, we’ve expanded book club to Goodreads. You’ll still get the first reviews here but discussion will take place here and there.


Screen It

Film Review: Into the Woods

Film Review: The Lego Movie

TV Review: Revenge

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Looking Good

Chris on Clothes: Guys Going Grunge

Chris on Clothes: Classic Style

Chris Glabb on The Red Carpet

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Vlog It

Meet Krista McKeeth

Meet Lisa Smith

Krista Vlog Reviews: Mila 2.0 by Debra Driza

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Eat It

Cook Club: Popcorn caramel cupcakes

Cook club: white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies

Christmas Cupcakes by Kylie Fox

>> More Eat It

Book Club

Book Club: Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake

Book Club: Panic by Lauren Oliver

Book Club: “Pawn” by Aimee Carter

>> More Book Club

Inspire Me

Mirror Mirror: Sophie Delezio

Mirror Mirror: Margaret Bourke-White

Mirror Mirror: Dr Catherine Hamlin

>> More Inspire Me

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